Prospective Board Member Application

Oregon Small Business Fair provides vital information to small business owners to help them start, grow or maintain their business. The specific objectives are:

  1. Provide a safe, non-selling environment for businesses to get access critical information and services;
  2. Provide an environment for regulatory entities at city, county, regional, state and federal level to provide information to new and current businesses to promote compliance;
  3. Provide an environment for nonprofit organizations to promote services that support small businesses and small business owners;
  4. Provide an environment for subject matter experts to provide information to small business owners.

The Board holds a regular meeting once a month. All Board members are expected to attend a minimum of nine (9) of these regular meetings a year.   Additional meetings may be scheduled on an as needed basis. e.g. committee work or individual assignments that would include more frequent meetings/conference calls, etc. 

This is a working Board. Each Board member will be responsible for heading up one particular committee or take the lead in a specific role. These roles are determined by the Board based on need and individual strengths.

Each member of the Board shall contribute at least three hundred cash dollars ($300) to the organization annually.  Contribution credit shall be given for in-kind donations.

The Board uses Zoho Connect as a primary form of communication, task management and event planning.  This is a free SAS available on desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Please upload your resume or bio in PDF format.

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