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What Is the Standard Notebook Size?

There are many notebook sizes, from a pocket-sized version to one that’s larger than your average legal pad. Each has its own benefits, and it’s important to know the standard notebook size before you buy a notebook cover or refill.

International paper and notebook standards generally follow a system of names and numbers based on the ISO 216 standard. However, some countries used previous standards that may have subtle differences. We refer to data of Standard Notebook Sizes provided by the best notebook manufacturers below.


The A4 notebook is ideal for keeping track of all of your thoughts. It features a large writing area and is the same size as regular letter-sized paper.

These notebooks are ideal for students and professionals who are on the go. They can be easily carried around in their purses or pockets, and they’re great for business meetings.


People prefer the B5 notebook due to its large writing area and ability to record sketches and thoughts. It’s also smaller compared to the A-series models, making it ideal for carrying around in a backpack.

Notebooks with special sizes, such as passport-sized and regular-sized models, are offered by different companies.


The Field Notes notebook is made from a durable material and fits nicely into coat pockets. This notebook is great for keeping track of all of your thoughts and making lists.

Most notebooks come with standard sizes, which are typically envelope-sized. Some companies also offer C and D paper sizes, allowing users to select the ideal notebook based on their own preferences.


With so many different sizes to choose from, it can feel like you’re stuck with a blank slate when it comes to finding the right notebook. However, by taking into account the various factors that go into making a good choice, you can find your ideal notebook.

This size is ideal for capturing the freedom of expression and portability of a traveler. It’s also great for sketching and documenting travel.


Acer’s E5 laptop offers decent value for budget buyers. Its thick chassis and 4.6-pound weight make it difficult to carry, but the system performs well enough for basic tasks.

The 15.6-inch display is based on old TN technology and doesn’t offer wide viewing angles. The keyboard is cramped, too, forcing the arrow keys to sit next to the number pad. The Master edition features ruled pages with subtly spaced dots for guideline writing.


A pocket-sized notebook is great to keep on hand for jotting down quick notes. You can keep one in your purse, attache case, or bag and whip it out whenever you need to make a list or jot down an idea.

However, a paltry battery life may make this a less than ideal choice for laptop devices intended to be used away from home.


This notebook size is ideal for those who aren’t looking to carry a bulky computer around with them. Designed with the same standard size as A5 notebooks, these books have the same page count and offer a range of different cover types to suit your style.

The port selection is excellent for the price, starting with the power-in on the left side, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, an HDMI 2.0 video output and a Kensington lock slot.


A number of factors affect the overall weight of notebooks, including their dimensions & cover types. The GSM (thickness) of the paper also impacts its weight.

Rather than rummage through your purse, attache case, or backpack for your general-purpose notebook, keep a pocket-sized one in your shirt pocket for on-the-go listmaking and record-keeping. This size also fits comfortably in suit jacket pockets and pants pockets.


A classic subnotebook, the Framework packs a power-efficient CPU that should offer ample performance for basic computing tasks. It also has a clear housing that lets you peek at the internals.

Like Goldilocks visiting the three bears, selecting notebook sizes can feel like a process of trial and error. Try using an assortment of standardized notebooks and see what feels “just right” for your writing needs.


There are many different notebook sizes used around the world. However, despite these differences, most paper and notebooks adhere to the same standardized measurements set by the International Organization for Standardization.

The pocket notebook is a comfortable fit for jacket and pants pockets. It is also a good choice for on-the-go listmaking and recording your daily activities. You can use it as a diary or for sketching pictures.

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